Go9Tro Wireless – World’s First Convergence of Cryptocurrency Economy and the Internet of Things backed by G9Tro Tokens.

POS Machine


An easy-to-use
application that allows managing goods, services, orders, POS devices, and employee
rights in the system, as well as providing data on your business performance.


Accepts payments

Allow your clients to
pay with bank cards, cash and digital currency 

on one device.



Ready-to-work POS
terminal with a pre-installed app, built-in receipt printer, 2D-scanner, and
capability to accept contactless payments.


Sell crypto

Turn your business
into a crypto hub: sell digital assets as your goods, gain customer loyalty,
and grow

your community.
(conditions apply)



Payment data
encryption is performed in line with PCI DSS standards. All cryptocurrency
payments are subject to AML and KYC processing and guidelines. Secure
transactions are made in compliance with AML/CTF regulations.


Gateway to payments

Accept every cashless
payment method.

One tap to pay,

One tap to top up

Accept payments with
digital currencies as easy as with traditional contactless cards and earn on
topping up your customers’ Cycle Cards.


There are 2 different
POS Units currently available for purchase.

POS Retail Payment
& Cryptocurrency Unit 

POS Elite Plus and
offers an annual rebate  

*All qualified retail
stores receive a annual rebate based on the number of annual transaction from
POS machines at there retail location or locations


A KYC Application
form is available in the catalogue

cryptocurrency etf

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