Experience The Lovers Tarot

Your first instinct will most likely be to interpret this card with love, but, much like love however, it doesn’t possess a simple nature. In addition, love take different forms, but love of a person can signal important or difficult choices ahead in your daily life. This is bad, in the sense that the choices it portends tend to be mutually exclusive options that lead to two completely divergent futures, but positive, as it is a sign that at the very least one of those paths will lead you to a better place. As such, if you spot it in your spread, you should take a look at it with care and not be afraid of it. It is a story about tough choices that are likely to be painful, but that the correct decision and a favorable outcome is in your reach. The Lovers card depicts naked men and women standing across from each other. The woman appears under an apple tree and a snake, evoking the Garden of Eden. The man stands before an oak tree that has twelve trefoil flames, which symbolize the twelve signs of the zodiac and the fiery passion that shapes his future. Over the figures are the angels of air, Raphael, who looks down upon the pair as he blesses them. Air is connected to communication, which is a pillar of healthy relationships. In the background we see mountains — an phallic symbol and a river, which is a symbol of femininity. The Lovers card depicts the unification of two opposing forces and also the fleeting pleasure of a moment before it is destroyed. If you happen to draw this card it is a sign that you’re at a crucial crossroads; the choices you’re about to make may alter the course of your life. The Lover can also signify that you’re one who takes decisions with a heart. This card is an empathetic and sensual individual who is easily influenced by impulsive decisions and easily fall prey to the lure. The Lovers represent harmony, love and perfection in a relationship. You and your partner are soul mates. Your relationship is based on deep love and trust, which gives you the power to face the challenges you face together and to empower one another. The Lovers could also indicate that a sexual relationship will develop into something more, because there is a base of attraction. This love has the potential to develop into genuine intimacy, so long as you are aware of the importance of open communication. The most important decision in your career usually occurs on the Lovers card. Because it is an element of Major Arcana, your choice must not be taken lightly, as it will have far reaching consequences. Follow your heart and your passion. This will lead to happiness and success in the long run. Many times, the right option is the one that initially appears to be more difficult. The Lovers may be a sign a business partnership will be productive and also that both of you are in it for the long haul. The Lovers represent a sense of mutual affection and not just between individuals, but also between you and your money. If you’ve been low on money lately, assistance is available, but only if you ask for help and communicate your issues to another person. It is also a great time to take the risk of financial investment, like setting up your own business or soliciting a loan or returning to the school you attended.

the lovers tarot card

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