Ford lemon law

Is your 2015 – 2021 Ford vehicle experiencing warranty problems requiring several repairs? Common issues affecting Ford models include leaks, transmission, starter, alignment problems. If these issues sound familiar and keep making you come back to the dealership, you might qualify for lemon law help.

The California lemon law aims to protect Ford drivers who have bought, leased or serviced their vehicles in California. It requires car companies to repurchase or replace vehicles suffering from warranty defects that haven’t been fixed after 2 tentative repairs. So if you bought a Ford that turns out being a lemon, you are not only entitled to a full or partial refund. In addition, all your attorney’s fees and costs will be covered by Ford so nothing will come out of your pocket.

To find out if your vehicle qualify, you will need to consult with an experienced lemon law attorney.

ford lemon law

Cadillac lemon law

Are you having problems with a Cadillac vehicle including ATS, Escalade, ESV, EXT, CTS, SRX and XT models? Is your car older than 2015 and under warranty.

Have you been bringing back your car to the dealership more than a couple times to fix climate control, suspension or fluid issues? In that case, our lemon law firm can help you get your money back.

California’s lemon law protects those drivers who own or lease their vehicles in California. It requires car manufacturers to repurchase or replace flawed vehicles which defects cannot be fixed after a couple attempts. If your Cadillac vehicle is a lemon, you are entitled to get your money back. In addition, it will be free to you as attorney costs will be paid by Cadillac.

Having handled 2,000+ cases, Lemon Law Aid has the expertise and experience to help you win your lemon law case.

cadillac lemon law lawyer