Conversations About Grief Episode #1: Grief During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has been a strain on the entire world. The grief we are experiencing during these times is unprecedented. Steve asks Ed a few questions about dealing with grief during the pandemic.
The topics covered during this episode:

How has the Covid 19 pandemic been different for the world, as opposed to other events in recent history?

With our short news cycle and busy lives, has there been a “suppression” of grief?

What is the biggest thing we don’t understand about dealing with grief in light of Covid-19?

Is grieving over a lost loved one/ friend from Covid-19 different from grieving over a loss from cancer?

Have the stages of grief changed because of the pandemic?

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Conversations About Grief Episode #2: Steve speaks about the grief from losing his dad in 2005

In this episode Ed asks Steve questions about his experience from when his dad passed away in 2005.

There are many key points covered in this video:
Why suppressing your grief is not a good thing.
What having dreams about a lost loved one can mean.
The importance of taking the time to grieve.
Some ways families can grieve together.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Goes To RELATIVES of Healthcare Workers – California

With the recently released new Covid-19 vaccine, comes a host of unforeseen problems…not enough vaccine for everyone who might want it, the short vaccine shelf-life, and the lack of regulations for getting the vaccine out first to those who need it most (frontline healthcare workers).

So, it might come as a shock to many that a minimum of two hospitals in Southern California have actually been immunizing non-frontline employees having actually gotten extra doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine including Redlands Community Hospital.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has..CLICK LINK to Read More!

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