Car Accident Lawyer in Tustin Settles Case With Dash Cam

Recently an
injury client of a Tustin personal injury lawyer was smashed into by another car in
the city of San Bernardino in California. While traveling
through an intersection a left-turning vehicle (which did not have the right of way) crashed into the attorney’s client’s car, causing damage to
the car, and injuries to the client. The client had a video camera installed in the vehicle
and the entire accident was caught on video.
It showed clearly the client had a
green light and the right of way and that the oncoming
driver was at fault.

If not for the dash cam footage the insurance company
of the at-fault driver would not have settled for the amount the
driver’s attorney was able to get for the
client. Once the insurance company’s defense lawyer viewed
the footage she knew it would be devastating in court. The attorney settled the case for the at fault driver’s policy limit of $100,000

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