What Are Lifetime Software Deals and How Can You Take Advantage of Them?

Lifetime offers are those in which the seller reduces the price of the product usually a SaaS based to a very low level for a limited period. This article discusses how to take advantage of lifetime offers.

Once the time limit expires, the price will go back to normal, or even higher. Some items may have a mark-up price because of the limited time. Take advantage of the limited time and get what you really want. 

What is a SaaS Lifetime Software Deals? 

We have many items with Lifetime Deals. If an item has a Lifetime Deal badge, it means the price is fixed and will never go up. You can buy it now, use it and never pay a penny more for lifetime.

Lifetime deals are discounts on apps, tools, or resources where you only pay one fee to get access to them for life.

It’s so common these days that software as a service (SaaS) apps charge their users monthly or yearly fees to be able to use their tools, but lifetime deals remove the recurring payment requirements and only charge users one flat-rate fee to be able to access the app for its entire lifetime.

The obvious advantage of lifetime offers for customers is that you save a lot of money while having access to the resources you need to run your company! For example, we’ve built our tech stack over time with lifetime deals, and if we were to pay for each tool annually, it would cost about $5,000 a month, but since we’ve taken advantage of so many lifetime deals over the years, we pay less than 10% of that.

The bottom line is that lifetime offers make your life easier. They save you money, remove repetitive bookkeeping tasks, and give you easier access to the resources you need to run your company that you would not have had access to if you had to pay for each tool monthly.

Typically, lifetime offers are provided by smaller, newer, solo or micro SaaS companies in order to get people to use their tools. There are benefits and drawbacks to this, but it is mostly young and bootstrapped entrepreneurs that are searching for lifetime offers, so it is a good match.

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Convert Any Text Into A 100% Human-Sounding Voice-over with only 3 clicks!

Instantly Transform Any Text Into A 100% Human-Sounding Voice-over with only 3 clicks! 63% Discount 🔥 One Time Fee


Since the dawns of humanity, people would gather around the fire and listen to stories that’s. Why a good video is not efficient without a good voice-over that tells the actual story. The problem is that not all of us have a nice friendly voice like ‘Morgan Freeman’ or we just don’t feel comfortable recording ourselves.

Previously, the solution was to hire a professional voice over artist, but there are two problems going down that route number. One they’re very expensive. It can cost you up to one hundred dollars per minute of recording and number two.

You’ll have to wait three to five days for the voice-over to be complete. How cool would it be to just enter your text and generate a perfect sounding voice-over with a voice that would sound as cool as well my voice, or maybe a nice distinctive British voice like mine, or a friendly female voice like mine? How cool would that be? Introducing Speechelo , the most natural sounding text to speech software on the market.

Hey, I’m joey and I’m one of the 30 AI voices from speech. Love. You listen to this video until now, and you probably couldn’t. Tell I’m, not a real human voice. That’s, because I understand exactly what each phrase is saying and I know how to put inflections in my voice.

Just like a real human would do, Speechelo was coded in that way that the neural linguistic engine will analyze the phrases and will understand when  enumerating something when to emphasize a word or to take a deep breath.

But you don’t have to worry about any of these things with Speechelo. You can generate as many voice-overs as you want with only three clicks. Yes, you heard me right.

Read More – https://technoholic.me/easy-way-to-make-voice-overs/

Free alternative to ClickFunnels – GrooveFunnels review

If you’ve ever wanted a free alternative to ClickFunnels, then you should check out GrooveFunnels! It is the fastest growing funnel builder and you can grab free lifetime access too!

Free Access to GrooveFunnels – the new best way to build better funnels

The world has changed so much recently, and during these times, I am always excited whenever I find new solutions to help you in whatever way I can. I’m sure you’ve heard of software tools designed to help you build websites, sales pages and online funnels. Because sales funnels are proven to be effective, any such tools could reasonably command high monthly fees to access. Unfortunately, this could also be out of reach for many business owners and marketers who are on a budget, especially during uncertain times.

This is where GrooveFunnels comes in.

Now, let’s be upfront, what does it really cost? Well nothing, it is free for LIFE…No games. No fine print. You don’t need a credit card to sign up either! Over $99/month value. Just free. Of course, there is an upgraded version too (paid for), but all the functionality and the apps are there in the free version. The main thing you are limited to with the free version, is you can only build 3 websites. Otherwise, it is all there for you to use.

GrooveFunnels review 2021