Concrete WOOD Resurfacing 👷 Step by Step 👷 WATCH as we CREATE Decorative CONCRETE Wood

well this week this week we’re down um a couple horseshoe band in look at the ozarks um got this walkway leads over here to the garage you know it’s uh into the front stoop there i got to take this overlay off it’s broke up pretty good um it’s pretty damaged it almost looks like they put it over a slab of rock or something and it could be a couple of coatings i guess uh of concrete but it’s in pretty bad shape it’s got a lot of uh cracks a lot of damage to the to the slab but uh i just kind of took my hammer and chipped that off and it’s it’s hollow up underneath there in that spot i’m not sure how it looks up in here there’s uh you know a few cracks and some water where they water their plants so if that water’s gotten up underneath it there there’s probably good chance that a lot of this underneath here is kind of hollow so i’m gonna go ahead and start grinding this off and see what we’ve got up underneath it here okay we’re going to pick up where we left off on this job they’ve got this slab right here report and it’s ready for an overlay right now so i’m grinding the rest of it off over here as you can see that’s where i stopped i cut that line across there and reported their concrete and i’ve got to come in here and grind the rest of this concrete overlay off that was on here and i’ve already started that’s what the white is i’m taking that down to the original concrete i’ve got to bring it down there’s about a half inch lip that i’ve got to go ahead and and get you know get down flush maybe a half inch or so and we’ll probably slope it back about a foot and a half so it’s got a nice slope to it yeah other than that this is what we’ve got to start with today we’re gonna hopefully get everything ground down today and come in and do our first base coat tomorrow the finished look is gonna be a wood plank [Music] oh luke i am your father okay it’s day two on this concrete wood project down horseshoe bend and lake of the ozarks this is rick uh we just got the base coat on finished the grinding put the base coat on it looks kind of spotty right now because it’s drying up uh it’s getting kind of warm out here and you know wind’s blowing pretty good but this is a base coat it’s actually going to be darker than this but i didn’t want to go in with a white base coat so i added some color to it but you can see how much it is uh drying right there and that’s where i started it gets a little bit more solid here i’m probably going to wind up going with a second coat and it’ll be darker and you can see where it’s more and more solid as far as a darker color goes because here’s where i stopped but i’ll actually do a shade or maybe three shades darker than that i want it to be pretty dark um because when we put our wood pattern down and pull our tape this is the grout coat that you’re gonna see that’s that’s the color but you know it’s going to be almost black uh real dark you know charcoal so um it always lightens up several shades when it is drying but it always goes back to a darker color so here’s where we’re at right now on stage um got several steps to go but we should be done with this next wednesday or thursday and right now i believe this is may 2nd wednesday so anyways that’s what we got for now [Music] all right we got our second base coat on a little bit darker this time so this is the color that you’re going to see probably actually even darker than this once we put stain on it seal it you know of course that after the wood texture goes on it but this is uh a little bit truer to the color so it just went down still a little wet it will dry light but it’ll go back to this color when it’s done but it’s uh it’s a lot more solid now um starting to dry up here and there so there might be i don’t know if it’s shadows or it’s just drying up in certain areas but there you go second base coat is down okay we now have the fiber tape over our two base coats all the wood planks have been measured out everything’s hand taped four six and eight in the width the length is just kind of random i really don’t want a pattern [Music] i’ll be in monday spray over the top of this with the grout coat color that way we lock that tape down and get it sealed off because tuesday we’re going to be doing the texture wednesday we’re going to be staining and thursday we’re going to lock this thing down seal it up and get home okay we’ve got our tack coat on you can still see the tape ghosting through the tack coat of concrete because it’s just a thin layer [Music] we’ll come back in tomorrow morning with the texture coat [Music] so it almost doesn’t look like the uh almost doesn’t look like there’s anything over because you can still see that tape quite a bit but tomorrow you will not see this tape i’ll bury it tomorrow and then i’ll pull it up probably tomorrow afternoon and then we’ll stain it wednesday okay we have the wood texture coat on here uh we just do this coat in a white because uh tomorrow we’ll come in and pull the tape the pattern tape that’s underneath of it and um you know then you’ll be able to see the texture a lot better and of course the pattern once the tape’s pulled but we do it white because we’re going to color it with a couple of different colors tomorrow so that way we’ve just got a clean slate to begin with [Music] it just works better if it’s done on a white base and i don’t know if you can see this very well or not a lot of shadowing here but it’s really hard to tell what the texture looks like let me get a little closer [Music] it’s kind of so bright out here that it’s kind of bleeping everything out let’s try here [Music] all right so that’s what we have for now okay it’s cleaned up and ready for some color all the tape’s been pulled it’s been cleaned up joint lines open back up it’s been edged up against the driveway everything’s nice and clean there all the nail holes have been drilled so every plank has two nail holes on each side of it four per line that’s where the planks meet and they are staggered um uneven on purpose we want this to look as authentic as possible perfect imperfection if that makes sense so i’m getting ready to come in and just hit those nail holes with some darker color to make them completely black and then we’ll start the coloring which is going to be brown and amber [Music] okay this is before the sealer goes on but the color is all done cleaned up it’s ready to go actually started sealing it up top but i stopped to take this video real quick this is how the color turned out again this is before the sealer i’ll do a final after the sealer’s on [Music] [Music] oh [Music] let me know does that look like wood about as close as i pretty much can get it there’s different looks different colors a little bit different patterns that you could do with it but overall i think mission accomplished [Music] okay this job in four seasons is complete [Music] i think wood is done [Music] got some nice texturing real nice coloring just goes uh perfect with the setting they’ve got here now they have the house decorated [Music] you know the big wood beam pillars and the front door all rock it’s just a real rustic look so let’s just kind of finished it off [Music] this is going to run all the way over here to the front stoop [Music] i mean sorry i didn’t want to do anything with that drain other than just do a picture frame around it i didn’t want to drop any lines in it because it’s such a small area can’t keep our wood look for the most part on the side wall from the twin stoop area that will look really weird i think with a bunch of lines running through it especially with that grate we just got some really nice texturing and coloring here see if i can get a little closer so you guys can see it we have to keep the joint lines open so that’s what that is you can’t fill those in because the concrete wants to expand in the winter months well winter and summer so that concrete has to move so we gotta leave those expansion joints open yeah sun kind of gives you a little bit different perspective it does bring out the color but it also kind of makes it look a little bit different than what it really is too that’s why it looks so different over here more it’s covered up in the shade versus out there right in that bright song so the rest of it does look like this it’s just the sun just kind of blends it together more [Music] let’s look at this texture since we’re in the shade here and the coloring [Music] also drilled in every plank [Music] there’s [Music] okay that’s about it for this one you guys are watching this on youtube please subscribe to my channel and uh like the video if you like it leave me a comment let me know what you think and hit that little bell so you stay subscribed to my videos uh links are below to my facebook page and my website where you can get more information all right see you guys on the next one [Music] you

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What is the Distinction Between Cabinet Refacing and Refinishing?

Cabinet refacing vs. refinishing vs. brand-new cabinets

The first and essential thing you need to comprehend when a cooking area remodeler raises the topic of refacing or refinishing is that these methods do not need buying brand-new cabinets The refacing/resurfacing or refinishing procedure uses your existing cabinet. Since you don’t need to purchase new cabinets, these choices are a more cost-effective solution for comprehensive kitchen remodels. They are fantastic alternatives to stay with your budget plan and lower expenses. For homeowners going through a full kitchen change, it’s a reasonable spending plan service that kitchen remodel specialists like to recommend. Both cabinet refacing and refinishing enable you to alter the look of your kitchen components and transform your interior completely!In which case ought to

you consider acquiring a brand-new set of cabinets rather than utilizing those you currently own?There might be a range of situations in which cabinet

refacing or refinishing may not be an appropriate technique to practical kitchen area remodels. A frequent situation where it makes sense to buy brand-new cabinets is when your existing systems are too damaged to reface or refinish.These remodeling practices alter the look and feel of your cabinets. But they do not impact the storage function.

If you are worried about storage area in your kitchen area, you should discuss your alternatives for additional storage. Nevertheless, an experienced kitchen area remodeler can assist free up additional storage without always bringing an extra cabinet to the room! Certainly, you might not need extra aspects to create a more orderly kitchen! These are all things that an expert specialist can assist you understand. My kitchen area remodeler suggested door refacing You have actually shared your expectations and dream of a new cooking area, and your cooking area remodel specialist pointed out


door refacing or resurfacing. What does it mean, and why is it a great idea?What does cabinet door refacing mean?Cabinet refacing or resurfacing (these terms are interchangeable) refers to the process of changing the surface area of your kitchen cabinets. When a kitchen area remodeler refaces your cabinet doors, they essentially replace the existing surface area product. The process can be used on cabinet doors, drawer front, however likewise side panels, face frames, and moldings. As soon as finished, it will make your cabinet look entirely different.Typically, refacing is carried out on surfaces made with laminate or wood veneers.Why do I need cabinet refacing?Because you are replacing the existing surface, you can give your old cabinet a brand-new life. It is the favored alternative to remove signs of wear and tear on a kitchen cabinet. Keep in mind, though, that as discussed above, our cooking area cabinet resurfacing Clinton Township Michigan customers require a working unit. Damages to the surface can be eliminated and masked

through resurfacing. Yet, internal damage and structural weaknesses can’t be fixed through cabinet refacing If the structure is compromised, your kitchen area remodeler is likely to suggest altering the system altogether.As long as the structure of the cabinet is undamaged and strong, refacing makes good sense. The process can substantially lengthen the life of your kitchen area cabinet without breaking the bank. We have actually seen numerous homeowners presume mistakenly that a kitchen renovating job implies getting rid of the old to include the new. On the contrary, with the refacing process, you can inject new energy into an old cooking area cabinet and

make it seem like brand-new again.What can I accomplish with cabinet refacing?Resurfacing your cabinets can offer you an immediate design upgrade. The wood veneer cabinets you selected decades ago can be made appropriate again with a trendy and contemporary surface area. Simply put, refacing is a smart decision for house owners who look for an updated kitchen look and feel without eliminating the units and home appliances that still offer suitable functions. At Stonik Solutions, we also recommend this strategy for brand-new property owners

who have purchased an old residential or commercial property with an out-of-date style and units in good working condition. The process can offer you a fresh and modernized look with minimum efforts.You can also utilize cabinet refacing to transform the mood in your cooking area. For example, a dark cooking area that gets little natural sunshine through windows or skylights can optimize brightness with cabinet resurfacing. Changing a dark cabinet front for a light wood veneer will produce the experience of a bright and partially sun-bathed space, even for a north-facing kitchen.Lastly, it is also a good idea to apply refacing to blend your home appliance style to your cabinet units perfectly. Streamlined, stainless steel devices can feel out-of-place if your cabinets don’t match the design.

Yet, a matt and monochromatic resurfacing task can bring the modern fridge and center in a favorable light! My kitchen remodel specialist recommended cabinet refinishing You want to keep your kitchen cabinet in your brand-new design. Yet, your vision doesn’t match the present look and feel of the units. The kitchen area remodeler suggested cabinet refinishing to deal with the concern. What does it mean, and why did they suggest it to

you? What does cabinet refinishing mean?Unlike resurfacing, which replaces the existing surface, refinishing works directly onto the surface area by stripping the door, drawer front, or side panels of their preliminary color. The procedure will then use a brand-new color to transform the appearance of the surface area. Nevertheless, it does not alter the material.Typically,


cabinet refinishing includes hand sanding or the use of chemical items to remove the initial color. You can then add paint to accomplish the preferred result. For wood-based surface areas, you can also choose to stain the wood to transform its appearance.Who requires cabinet refinishing?Kitchen remodels accept refinishing to change existing units and make them fit into a new interior style and


idea. It deserves discussing that internal damage and structure weak points are not likely to be addressed through refinishing Your existing systems ought to remain in great condition. As the process does not mask the surface area, it can’t conceal deep scratch marks and use and tear indications. Small marks can disappear during the sanding step.Ideally, we choose to recommend refinishing to

customers who just need a change of color or wood style to their cabinets While the possibilities may seem endless, it is necessary to understand that it can be tricky to go from a dark color to a light one. The initial dark colors might still show up underneath the brand-new paint.

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What You Required to Know Prior To Working With a Concrete Professional

Your Budget plan

Initially, you require to consider the budget plan for your project and just how much you have readily available to spend on a concrete specialist. Ideally, you ought to ensure that you set a fixed amount that you can manage to pay. This will be necessary when you are talking to various specialists and getting quotes for their services.When you determine your

spending plan, make sure that you are taking all the elements into factor to consider. Do not forget that the cost will differ depending on the job that you are finishing! The expenditure for completing a garage floor will not be the exact same as the expense of a sidewalk.When you speak with specific contractors, they ought to be able to provide you with complete quotes for their services. The expenses here ought to be completely transparent. There need to no doubt about what you are paying for when you choose a professional! If you are not sure of a specific cost, the contractor must be able to describe it to you in terms that you can quickly understand.You needs to always arrange quotes from a number of companies. By getting a few quotes, you can make

sure that you comprehend the type of cost that you need to expect to pay. You’ll be able to avoid paying too much or paying less than you ought to for a service.Remember, paying less than the average can be simply as dangerous as paying more! It could imply that you are handling a contractor that is unskilled or not able

to provide a high quality of service. It may even affect the quality of the products that are utilized for your project. The Job Next, you require to understand the project you are finishing. This will be very important when identifying whether a professional has the best level of skill or experience that you


require. For instance, we offer a wide variety of services to our clients consisting of: Shed Pads Footings Garage Floors Rat Walls Patio area Driveways Brick/Block Work These are just a few of the options we provide. However, by exploring the services page of a company, you can acquire an excellent grasp

on the type

of job that they typically total. This can help you determine if

they are the ideal company for your needs.You ought to

likewise consider whether this is a personal or business project. Some specialists specialize in one or the other. Others will have the ability to offer their services to both kinds of clients.When you are examining the kind of job, you need to remember the scale as well. Is the professional that you are considering able to total deal with larger projects? Are they a suitable option for the smaller project that you are working on? These are concerns that you need to address before you choose to employ them.If you are uncertain about

whether they have worked on a job similar to the one that you require completed, you must make certain that you ask with the specialist directly. An expert contractor will have the ability to resolve any questions that you may have. Level Of Experience Next, you should consider the level of experience of a professional that

you are considering utilizing. As an excellent rule of thumb, a concrete contractor must have upwards of 5 years of experience in the market. Many of the best professionals will have far more than this.More experience must offer you with a specific


comfort. It will notify you that you are utilizing a relied on group that other clients have actually relied on before.A significant issue with utilizing a new concrete contractor is that they will largely be untested. While they might be able to offer a fantastic solution for you, there is absolutely no guarantee that this is going to be the case.You ought to ask about their previous experiences too. It’s useful to get genuine examples of the work they have finished. A lot of organizations will have a full portfolio of the tasks that they have worked on before or they might have case studies that you can review. If there is nothing like this, then there must at least be references for you to explore.All of this supplies evidence of a professional’s experience on the marketplace before you devote to using

their specific service. If a specialist does not have a fantastic level of experience in the location you require, you can still utilize their services. Nevertheless, the results could be questionable at best. Reviews When you do check out various concrete specialists, you need to ensure that you are thinking of the various evaluations that they have actually gotten. It’s important that you explore the direct

opinions of previous clients. Reviews for companies like this should not be tough to discover. There need to be a variety of various evaluations online that you can quickly evaluate yourself.If you can’t find evaluations, then you may want to call the company and request for recommendations from previous clients.


This will, once again, assist you establish whether the specialist has a list of previous clients who are pleased with the work that they completed.If a specialist has no reviews from previous clients, this might be because they are fresh on the marketplace. However, you should approach a contractor like this with caution. They might likewise be concealing negative evaluations that they have from previous clients.You examine a few various

sources for reviews consisting of Google, Yelp and even Facebook. Social networks are a clever location to check for unfavorable reviews as services won’t be able to avoid the points out of their brand. A fast search here needs to notify you whether there is any unfavorable buzz surrounding a business.Remember, a

couple of unfavorable reviews are common for any service. However, you must approach with caution if there is a clear pattern of common issues with the service that is pointed out through reviews. The concerns in question could include workers showing up late, poor quality

outcomes, and problems with security requirements on the worksite itself.

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